Hong Kong Sampan Tour and Houseboat

Sampan tour with a visit to the Boathouse


Immerse yourself in the rich history and vibrant character of Aberdeen Fishing Village on our enchanting sampan boat tour. This unique experience transports you into the heart of a thriving community that has called these waters home for generations. Our audio guide paints a vivid picture of the village, intertwining facts, historical tales, and local ballads to create a captivating narrative. As we glide through the waterways, you'll witness the daily life of the water dwellers, observe iconic monuments, and gain a deep appreciation for this unique maritime culture. The pinnacle of our journey is an exclusive visit to a floating museum, a time capsule preserving the past life of water dwellers. Experience the magic of Aberdeen, where the past meets the present, all from the unique perspective of a traditional sampan boat. This tour is a must for those seeking a truly authentic Hong Kong experience.

Hong Kong Sampan Tour and Houseboat
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